Ford's 21% used boost!

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new-ford-ka-boasts-21-used-value-boosFORD’S all-new Ka has just hit the new car market, to claims of dramatically improved retained values.

The blue oval says insurance is cheaper, cost of ownership has been minimised – and, in some cases, retained values have improved by 21 per cent!

After 1 year, A Studio model is worth 21 per cent more than it used to be. This represents a cash improvement of up to £1850.

The data, from CAP, reveals an average 1-year retained value improvement of 16 per cent. Furthermore, the 3-year improvement is 14 per cent.

The latter equates to a price boost of £1350 for Ka petrol models. They retain 39 per cent after 3 years, with the diesel holding on to 41 per cent.

CAP’s Martin Ward said: ‘The new Ford Ka is a brilliant small car which is coming to the market at the right time, when customers are looking for economical cars that are cheap to run, fun and have great styling. It’s a superb drive for such a small car.’

Insurance groups of 1E for the Studio model will be a further boost. What’s more, every other Ka version – including the new diesel version, a variant not previously available – have a group 2E rating.

This will further trim running costs for prospective new car owners, who can buy a Ka from £7945.

Has Ford yet another new car hit that’s perfectly timed with the state of the market on its hands?

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