One in five motorists ignore dashboard-warning lights

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64736-b-forMORE than one in five motorists have ignored red warning lights on their dashboard, according to new research from auction firm BCA.

Figures show that 23 per cent of motorists have ignored the lights, choosing instead to continue driving before addressing any potential mechanical or electrical problem.

More than half said they would stop immediately and call for assistance, but a small minority of 5.5 per cent said they would deal with it when they had time – hoping the light might just go out of its own accord.

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According to BCA, when it comes to amber advisory warnings, 36 per cent of motorists ignored them and did not respond with any urgency.

And BCA’s research shows it’s not just warning lights motorists are ignoring as 35 per cent of survey respondents said if a ‘service due’ message came up on their dashboard they would not book a service for up to a month.

Results also suggest that the overall cost of motoring appears to be a concern for many drivers, with 15 per cent admitting that in the past year they have delayed or deferred necessary repairs.

BCA spokesman Tim Naylor explained: ‘If a dashboard light comes on, ignoring it could lead to a substantial repair bill later on that might easily have been avoided. In some cases the vehicle may not be safe to drive and at the very least it may mean performance is compromised which is in itself potentially dangerous.’

He added: ‘While putting off repairs or maintenance may postpone immediate motoring costs, it could cost a lot more in the long run. Mechanical repairs should be attended to as soon as possible.’

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