Pressure on tyre checks

Time 13 years ago

51261hmc.jpgHALF of all cars on the road have dangerously underinflated tyres.

The findings, from Michelin, confirm what your service department already know. Furthermore, four out of every five cars are running with incorrect tyre pressures.

Michelin is countering this with a ‘Fill Up With Air’ roadshow, providing free tyre safety checks. But maybe it’s something you can do for customers, too? Possibly offer to check the tyres of all customers and potential customers, for free?

This will help improve fuel consumption, reduce CO2… and, when findings show that over a third of cars have a tyre running up to 12psi below the specified pressure, and 13 per cent of cars are actually running with a puncture, maybe save lives, too.

There are natural economic benefits. Driving on tyres 20% under-inflated – as little as 6psi below the recommended pressure – nets 20% fewer miles from a set of tyres. Having the correct pressure means that over 70,000 miles of motoring, the cost of two tyres could be saved, due to the increase in tyre life.

Oh yes, it’s also a great, easy, free way of creating a positive feeling for your dealership…

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