RAC simplifies inspections

Time 2:33 pm, June 26, 2008

rac.jpgSIMPLIFIED pricing has made it easier for consumers to choose an RAC Inspection for potential used car buys.

The cost will no longer depend on the model and spec of a vehicle, but on the level of assurance desired and the complexity of the vehicle itself.

This potentially makes the service more tempting to buyers – and may lead to an upturn in the number of inspections carried out on your forecourt.

Buyers who now book an RAC Inspection can choose between three packages. ‘Essentials’ checks the basics and is suitable for the more confident buyer of cars under 10 years old.

‘Essentials Plus’ is the comprehensive inspection, focusing on standard cars and providing a more in-depth review. ‘Specialist’ is for vehicles that need extra time or expertise, such as those vehicles over 20 years old, 4x4s, prestige and performance cars.

Nicola Johnson, manager of RAC Inspections, said: ‘With our simplified pricing structure, buyers can now assess the options available to them and quickly choose the inspection that suits their requirements and the vehicle they are looking to buy.’

• An Essentials Inspection costs £125 for RAC members and £139 for non-members.

• An Essentials Plus Inspection costs £189 for RAC members and £199 for non-members.

• A Specialist Inspection costs £349 for RAC members and £379 for non-members.

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