Race a MiTo and win!

Time 13 years ago

mitoALFA Romeo is offering a brand-new £12k Mito to the winner of a new online race driving game.

Fans of the Italian brand can play in the special racing game at a special website. This enables them to race the new MiTo at 10 venues on 10 different websites, to achieve their fastest overall time.

The best time of all will win a new MiTo.

An interactive rally game, Alfa Romeo says it was developed to show off the MiTo’s technological features, including the DNA system. This allows dynamic settings to be altered electronically at the press of a button.

Circuits include country back roads to London city centre.

Repeat visits are almost certain – the more people play it, the more fuel, turbo-boost and car repairs they can pick up, all to help make their car go faster. And, of course, to reduce their best overall time…

The promotion will run for 9 weeks, and Alfa Romeo will give away 90 iPod touches, 180 iPod nanos and, at the end of each week, a Nintendo Wii.

Plus, of course, the Alfa Romeo MiTo at the end of the campaign… you can be sure we’ll collar the winner in due course!



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