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SMART has launched a new advertising campaign that will hit screens tomorrow (Sunday, May 4).


The three adverts dramatise some amazing facts about Smart and show how safe, practical and economical the Fortwo is. 


The ‘Wrecking Ball’ advert – pictured – challenges people’s preconceptions and shows Smart’s market-leading safety credentials by daring to smash a one-tonne wrecking ball at 25mph into the car.  


During the filming of the safety advert, a stuntman sits in the car. After seeing how well the car performed under testing, he declined to wear a safety helmet and harness. After filming he was able to open both doors and the car could be driven away.


The steel tridion safety cell, that protects occupants in the event of an accident, absorbed most of the impact and the car emerged virtually unscathed, with minimal damage.


The ‘Space’ ad shows the versatility and practicality of the Fortwo as a normal sized tumble dryer is loaded into the back of the car and ‘Fuel Efficiency’ highlights how economical the car is, travelling 433 miles from London to Edinburgh on just one 33-litre tank of fuel. 


Dermot Kelly, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Cars, said: ‘The ads highlight incredible facts about the car in a uniquely Smart way.  For example, the wrecking ball ad shows how well the Fortwo stands up to a collision and proves that, in the case of smart, size is no barrier to occupant protection.’



‘The car used in the filming of the safety advert will be on display at Mercedes-Benz World during the television campaign and the smart Festival, taking place on Saturday 21 June.’

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