Call to cut speed cameras

Time 13 years ago

MOTORPOINT, the car supermarket and Car Dealer Eward winner, has revealed that the UK’s motorists are demanding authorities scrap speed cameras.

Swindon Borough Council recently ditched all its speed cameras. Two thirds of drivers surveyed want their local authority to follow.

76 per cent of motorists wanted their local politicians to look at alternative ways of reducing speeds, rather than simply resorting to using fixed speed and mobile speed cameras.

Only 23 per cent voted to keep the status quo.

Last month, Swindon Borough Council reportedly became the first in the country to vote to withdraw funding for speed cameras, in favour of measures such as warning signs.

David Shelton, MD of Motorpoint, said: ‘The message coming out of this survey is loud and clear – motorists are fed up to the back teeth with the blanket use of speed cameras on our roads.

‘While no one would argue that they don’t have a place, as a country, we need to be looking at other ways of educating drivers to slow down, rather than simply by punishing them with three points and a £60 fine.’

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