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Time 9:29 am, August 1, 2012

CAR insurance firm has created a new advertising campaign based on the idea of driving habits.

The campaign centres around a humourous video which shows the behaviour of a handful of motorists behind the wheel of their cars, and, importantly, how the in-car environment changes the most mild-mannered driver into an unpleasant one.

The film shows a number of the motorists use their horns and bad language while driving.

The campaign is also part of a larger investigation by A report published by the firm called ASDO – Anti-Social Driving Order – revealed that a change in behaviour when getting behind the wheel can cost the average motorist £920.

Worryingly the report also showed that 90 per cent of motorists say they’ve experienced some form of anti-social behaviour from other drivers while at the wheel, believing this ‘change’ in behaviour is the cause of the problem.

One of five of the motorists surveyed said they find other motorists are ‘constantly’ irritable, while 43 per cent of respondents would describe other drivers’ moods as ‘volatile’.

And, like depicted in the film, the report found that 22 per cent of motorists will swear, 53 per cent will flash their lights, and using the horn is used by 63 per cent. – part of Aviva, the UK’s largest insurance company – is an online-only service and its new campaign, along with its report findings, aims to get the British public to find out their driving personality by logging onto the firm’s Facebook page.

Henry Topham, trading director at said: ‘As an insurer of safe, careful drivers we realise anti-social driving is important to address. Whether or not an ‘ASDO’ style deterrent is the answer, all drivers should consider what they can do to ensure the safety and happiness of our roads.’

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