Watch your plates

Time 7:25 am, September 2, 2008

048800200_1204024739.jpgNUMBER PLATE theft is rising, warn Police. And dealers in particular should be alert to it.

With large numbers of used cars, kept outdoors, forecourts present a concerning opportunity to thieves.

They will steal sets of number plates, often from a car the same model and colour as their own, to evade being caught when, say, stealing fuel or failing to pay parking fines.

Police estimates put the number of stolen plates at 40,000 back in 2006 – with numbers rising due to the impacts of the credit crunch on motorists.

It’s therefore important you remain vigilant about any dodgy activity, and also check that all your vehicles are displaying their correct pates, particularly if your forecourt is outdoors.

Naturally, care should taken when purchasing stock, too. Provenance checks are crucial – particularly as Police warn of rising incidences of car cloning, too…

In addition, in a recent briefing, Direct Line also took the opportunity of reminding us that number plates are now required to be registered. Don’t forget, it’s also illegal to sell plates not adhering to the DVLA’s standard format. Deviations here can lead to £1000 fines.

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