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kurt1Crisis? What crisis? It’s all a matter of attitude, according to Jigsaw Finance director Kurt Bradbury. 

Kurt Bradbury of Jigsaw Finance has had enough. ‘I don’t know about you, but I am sick to the back teeth of hearing people talk themselves into a depression. It’s absolutely relentless!’

Surely, he poses, you agree? All this constant negative talk is doing us no good whatsoever. His particular gripe is with doom-mongers. ‘These lurk like viruses in our business and industry,’ he moans. ‘They make all the excuses – but really, what’s new?’

Their whinging is relentless, says Bradbury. Weather’s too hot. England football team is rubbish. Their customers are all cash-rich so don’t borrow any money.

Nobody’s got any money. They can’t get customers accepted on finance. It’s the school holidays and everyone’s away. Their customers don’t buy PCP – and they don’t believe in it, anyway. And so they go on.

‘On this basis, I think October 4 is the only day they can sell a car – so long as it’s mild and it falls on a weekday!’

Bradbury stresses he is not being flippant or making light of the situation. It is, however, how we all react to difficult situations or slow trading periods that is key.

‘What is absolutely true is that people want to buy new cars,’ he explains. ‘It’s almost embedded in our DNA. We have a love affair with our cars, whether it be an Astra or an Aston, a Cooper or coupe.’

The key to success, he says, is to prey on this love affair. Sure, many customers are going ‘cold turkey’ and resisting change. However, official figures state that 1.7m people will still buy a new car this year! 

‘All we have to do is throw temptation in their way,’ he says. ‘Cars have never been cheaper. Money has never been cheaper. Fuel prices haven’t been this cheap in a long while.’

OK, but what about the real issues that the doom-mongers say is stopping them selling cars? ‘What about them?’ says Bradbury. This, he says, is where companies such as Jigsaw Finance can help.

‘Negative equity? Jigsaw has specialist negative equity loans to cater for this. We can even source loans up to 150 per cent of retail.

‘Threat of negative equity in the future? Jigsaw can offer a guaranteed future value on PCP – on terms from 24 to 60 months, to make monthly payment lower.

‘Lenders tightening up on underwriting? As well as Jigsaw’s own finance, we have most of the finance houses on our panel. These provide dozens of different options. Basically, if anyone can get a deal accepted, we can.’

In short, Bradbury reckons he has the answers to the nay-sayers, and can help the industry fight even the toughest times. Intriguingly, he says this optimism maybe stems from being a Stoke City fan!

‘Even the most ardent supporter didn’t think Stoke had a shout of promotion to the Premiership in 2008. We did – and then, to go on to craft a victory against the mighty Arsenal in the first few games… well, I can say with authority: if Stoke can do that, then this credit crunch should be a breeze!

‘What’s set Stoke apart,’ he continues, ‘is Rory Delap’s now infamous long throws.’ Hmm… what on earth has this to do with selling cars, Bradbury?

‘Like Rory, we need to develop new tactics, as well as develop old ones. We don’t have to be the biggest or the wealthiest to succeed. We just need to be smart and play to our strengths.

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‘A former boss of mine had a saying. Knowing him, he probably borrowed it, but it’s still always stuck with me – and is very true today: ‘There are three things that will guarantee you
success: 1. Attitude 2. Attitude and 3. Attitude.

‘If your attitude is negative and full of gloom, what chance do you have? Particularly when companies like us have answers to even the trickiest problems you may face.’

Be positive! Or else you may have Bradbury to answer to… give him and his team a call on 0845 680 0111 or log on to to register your interest.

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