What car buyers’ colour choice means

Time 1:24 pm, March 5, 2008


DESPITE endless traffic jams, motorway mayhem and the occasional road rage incident, research published today reveals the UK is in fact a nation of calm and relaxed drivers who enjoy taking the ‘spiritual road’ in life.  


According to fish4cars, the nationwide classified cars website, most UK drivers opt for blue (28 per cent) when choosing their motor, which colourologists claim demonstrates well-balanced and chilled-out personalities. 


The fish4cars research highlights that the colour of a car speaks volumes about the driver but also dictates how they are perceived on the road.  


The statistics show that over half of drivers (51%) instinctively give red cars a wide berth when passing them on the motorway as they regard them as being too speedy and dangerous. 


In complete contrast, white car drivers are naturally seen as introverted yet safe (40%).  And watch out if you are male and have a penchant for the colour pink – 86% of men spotted driving pink cars, like the Smart left, are instantly thought of as a pushover!


When it comes to choosing new wheels, most Brits (98%) cite car colour as the most important factor and shun the more traditional checks such as miles on the clock and service history.  


So what exactly does the colour of your car say about you? fish4cars has worked with colourologist Donna Blackman, to offer insight into the meaning behind the top five car colour choices in the UK:


‘The Bohemian Blues’ (25%)

It is the spiritual, calm and gentle Brits that are attracted to blue cars; definitely the kind of people who stick to the outside lane. Notting Hill lovey Kate Moss is a huge fan of chilling out in her relaxing and bohemian, open top blue sports car. 


‘The Red Devils’ (14%)

Speedy, masculine and outrageous types always opt for this car colour. Jamiroquai is known for his love of speedy red cars but does he also love paying the price of speeding tickets that come hand in hand with red models?


‘The (Wo)Men in Black’ (14%)

Mysterious types who don’t have a strong sense of identity often end up choosing a black car. The famously private George Michael owns many black cars… perhaps a way of masking his true personality? 


‘The Envious Greens’ (10%)

People nipping about town in a green motor tend to be cool and relaxed. The effortlessly cool Johnny Depp is a big fan of his green Porsche. 


‘The Willowy Whites’ (3%)

Shy and introverted types who are happy to spend life coasting the slow lane always go for the white models. The late great James Dean felt safe behind the wheels of his white sporty model. 

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‘The Mellow Yellows’ (1%)

Happy-go-lucky types who go through life with a smile and enjoy short jaunts out on the road. British legend Rod Stewart is regularly spotted cruising around country lanes in his yellow motor. 


Colin Mathieson, sales director for fish4cars, said: ‘It is startling to see how much colour really does affect driver’s experiences on the road and it is something that we recommend our customers take into consideration when buying.’


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