Word of mouth wins

Time 13 years ago

54255-b-maz.jpgWHAT makes people buy the car they do?

Price. That’s the prime motivator behind decisions. And second to that? Recommendations from family and friends.

So says a survey of over 3000 people, prior to the September plate change. The survey also suggests that huge spends by manufacturers on advertising campaigns perhaps don’t have the effect many imagine.

G2 Data Dynamics, which carried out the survey, says manufacturers need to adopt a more integrated marketing approach – which would ideally include some sort of dealer-level involvement.

Alan Thorpe, commercial and operations director at G2 Data Dynamics, said: ‘It is interesting to note that, in spite of the money being poured into advertisement campaigns and product placement, it is still word of mouth that influences consumers when they buy a car.’

‘The desire to keep up with the Jones’ obviously has a major role to play. Marques would be prudent in the current economic climate to investigate ways of creating brand advocates upon which to base their ad campaigns.’

And who better to do this, than the local franchised dealer?

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