Zagato for Broughtons

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_mg_7600.jpgBROUGHTONS has just become the UK’s first and only Zagato ambassador.

The famous Italian marque joins Spyker and Koenigsegg in the Cheltenham dealer’s brand-new supercar showroom.

We were there for the opening, where Spyker chief Victor Muller told us the dramatic Spyker-Zagato C12 concept – on display in Broughton’s new high-end outlet – would be making it into production.


Due in 2010, only 24 examples of the hypercar will be built – that’s not even one per dealer. But the UK is almost certain to get one.

Broughtons won’t be selling it in the usual manner, though. As with all Zagatos, sales are by application only. Muller and Zagato themselves decide who they sell to.

The hypercar business is one that is relatively untroubled by the credit crunch. Billionaires don’t seem to have the same financial concerns as normal car buyers. Indeed, that’s why Broughtons sees itself less as a dealer and more as a luxury brand in its own right.

‘We run 200 events per year,’ said Spyker’s Tommy Wareham. ‘It’s all about relationships in this business. That’s why we spend money on so many events.’ These include classic car runs, golf days, track days, even Broughton’s own in-house magazine.

‘It’s coffee-table fare for the richest households. People phone us up if their copy is late…’

The new showroom’s impeccable finish is evidence of the need for luxury trappings: on the night, the Bang & Olufsen salesman was almost as busy as the Broughtons staff. It’s a fascinating development – and if you need a reality check, just cross the road. There, find solace in Broughton’s real-world outlets – Bentley and Aston Martin…

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