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What's included in Car Dealer Plus?

Premium, ad-free website

Adverts getting in the way of your browsing experience?

Enjoy a cleaner, ad-free version of the website on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

Bespoke email newsletters

Get bespoke email briefings so you don’t miss out on the news that matters to you. Topics include:

  • New car industry
  • Used car news
  • Daily news round-up

Access to exclusive WhatsApp groups

Get access to a dedicated WhatsApp group with every story we publish on the website.

Or opt for our breaking news group which delivers only the biggest stories to your phone.

Both groups are broadcast-only and no chit-chat

Exclusive offers and discounts from selected partners

We're teaming up with suppliers across the motor trade to offer exclusive discounts and offers straight to our members.

You'll be the first to hear about the exclusive discounts to Car Dealer Plus members

Chance to take part in exclusive dealer surveys

We'll occasionally ask you for your thoughts on issues affecting the motor trade today and share the results with you

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