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What is Car Dealer Magazine?


Simple – it’s the only glossy, A4 monthly magazine for the motor trade, but with an emphasis on fun. We think business-to-business titles can be a bit boring, so every month we aim to produce a magazine that’s interesting to read.

Working in the motor trade is great fun, so why should what you read about it be any different? Every month we mix the coolest cars, interesting news with features that help you make more money.

How is Car Dealer distributed?

Sent directly to more than 10,500 dealers every month, Car Dealer costs £49.99 for a year’s subscription. The magazine is packed with features, road tests and news that reflect the exciting industry we work in – as well as lots of special offers to help you better your business.

Car Dealer is aimed at all members of the motor trade – from the small independents to the multi-franchise, multi-outlet giants – and covers anything and everything a motor trader can use to better his business.

If you want a trial copy just send us an email to order one – once you’ve seen we’re sure you’ll want to get it every month!

What do people say about Car Dealer?

It’s not only dealers that love Car Dealer – manufacturers do too. Just look what these three had to say about us:

Tony Whitehorn, Hyundai UK president and CEO, said: ‘Car Dealer has really shaken up the way industry news is reported and read. High quality reporting, great production values and an entertaining yet informative collection of writers mean that it’s always well-read at Hyundai HQ.’

Michael Cole, chief operating officer of Kia Motors (Europe) Ltd, said: ‘Car Dealer has become essential reading for all of us in the expanding Kia network. Its bright and easy style coupled with a dedication to bringing the latest news and information to everyone in the world of new car sales makes it one of the highlights of the month.’

Jeremy Thomson, Mazda Motors UK managing director, said: ‘The tone of the writing in Car Dealer and the approach to subjects is a fun one. It’s got that hint of irreverence in it that I think is very healthy and similar to the way we, at Mazda, do business. I enjoy it immensely.’

Meet the team…


David Brown
Production Editor
Tel: 023 9252 2434
Email: dave@blackballmedia.co.uk
Twitter: CarDealerDave

Graeme Windell
Head of Design
Tel: 023 9252 2434
Email: graeme@blackballmedia.co.uk


Michelle Searle
Advertising Executive
Tel: 023 9252 2434
Email: michelle@blackballmedia.co.uk

Amanda Philp
Advertising Executive
Tel: 023 9252 2434
Email: amanda@blackballmedia.co.uk

Administration Team
Tel: 023 9252 2434
Email: admin@blackballmedia.co.uk


James Baggott
CEO, Baize Group
Tel: 023 9252 2434
Email: james@thebaize.com
Twitter: cardealered

Andy Entwistle
Managing Director
Tel: 023 9252 2434
Email: andy@blackballmedia.co.uk
Twitter: cardealerandy

Who publishes Car Dealer?

A small publishing company with big ideas. Blackball Media Ltd is owned by editorial director James Baggott, who launched Car Dealer Magazine with the help of his brother Jon, a former trader himself in 2008. The two were bored with the magazines and news sheets available for the trade and decided to combine James’ passion with writing about cars with Jon’s passion for selling them. Jon has since left Blackball Media to live the life of riley. Lucky man.

Blackball Media Company Number: 6473855

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