Ex-business manager fined for headbutting colleague

Time 10:07 am, July 8, 2014

scales-of-justice-gavel_4A CAR dealership business manager has been fined £500 for headbutting a colleague in a row over discounts for customers.

The attacker, Christopher Dolan, 33, of Tayview Drive, Liff, Dundee, admitted the assault, which took place at Perth Honda on December 20 last year.

The victim, Graham Mitchell, suffered a nosebleed, swelling and bruising as a result.

Perth Sheriff Court heard that Mitchell and some of his colleagues were discussing the issue of customer discounts while Dolan was siting at a desk a short distance away.

After saying ‘I’ve had enough of this s***’ he got up and walked towards Mr Mitchell before the assault took place.

According to the Scottish TV website, solicitor Graham Harding, defending, said: ‘It was an argument that escalated and he lashed out. He has expressed genuine remorse for his actions.’

Dolan was suspended from work before resigning a few days later. He has found another job but is being paid £10,000 less a year than he was in his previous role, the court heard.

Mr Harding told the court: ‘He has lost a significant amount of income. He was a business manager and is now employed as a car salesman. He has lost about £10,000 a year.’

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