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Right Click: What dealers can learn from javelin

Time 12 years ago

javelinIN 1996 Czechoslovakian javelin thrower Jan Železný sealed his place in the record books by breaking the existing world record, one set three years earlier himself.

Some 14 years later and his record throw of 98.48 metres still stands and, as the holder of all top five javelin performances of all time, he’s regarded as the greatest participant in his sport ever. 

If any sport teaches the importance of technique it’s the javelin. There are many elements that, when changed, could make the difference between a throw that closes in on 100m and one which veers off to the side and worries adjudicators.

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You can bet that in the years leading up to his record throws, Železný and his coach were monitoring the results of every technique in the push for gold and so too were their competitors. 

Just as no coaching team would encourage techniques that bring negative results, no business would chase profit-destroying practices. Accordingly, marketing campaigns need to generate results in order to justify the expenditure.

With the economy only now nuzzling its way toward the clear, nobody is about to start spending money without being able to measure the success or failure of their marketing. 

The increase of the internet audience is well documented so it’s of little surprise that this year is expected to see a 7.6 per cent increase in online advertising spend according to the European Interactive Advertising Association. 

The importance of online advertising is no longer a question, it’s been shown to generate 4.4 times as many automotive leads than traditional media (source: GForces LeadBeast). 

However, automotive dealers looking to capitalise on the internet-savvy market need to ensure that they have the tools in place to measure the success – or failings – of their campaigns. 

While the success of javelin techniques can be measured in a singular manner, there are many yardsticks when it comes to online marketing success – especially in an industry so susceptible to the whims of the economy.

In a recession, when demand for your products is down, what can you measure to ensure your marketing is working? It’s in knowing these measures that automotive dealers can ensure campaigns are driving the most relevant traffic to a website that performs in the most efficient way. 

One of our clients, a leading UK car supermarket, monitors and fine tunes every aspect of their marketing campaigns.
With enquiries and traffic down industry wide, they’ve been able to monitor results which are unaffected by economic fluctuations – those driven by marketing and site functionality and adjust their techniques accordingly.  

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In doing so they’ve cut their bounce rate down to just 10.5 per cent while their website has secured more than 250 Top 10 Google positions. By honing their marketing and website’s ‘stickiness,’ they’ve placed themselves in the best position possible – just as the economy is poised for recovery.

It’s not necessary to fly blind in marketing when a recession can cloud judgement. Find the metrics that allow you to truly measure the effects of your marketing techniques and you’ll be able to perfect them to achieve winning results.

by Tim Smith, Gforces commercial director

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James is the founder and editor-in-chief of Car Dealer Magazine, and CEO of parent company Baize Group. James has been a motoring journalist for more than 20 years writing about cars and the car industry.

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