Vauxhall attacks fast fits

Time 1:21 pm, January 23, 2013

VAUXHALL is hoping to generate service bay activity by offering owners a £40 MasterFit voucher for free.

Owners can receive the vouchers by signing up to Vauxhall’s ‘MasterFit Service Club’ before the 31st of March, and redeem them in any of the firm’s MasterFit outlets before the 30th of September.

The ‘club’ is free to join, and brings with it half price MOTs, and savings of between 15 and 25 per cent on parts and labour (depending on vehicle age) for customers using MasterFit outlets. The discount doesn’t apply to tyres or oil, however.

The vouchers are a direct hit to increasingly popular fast-fit centres, whose frequent online-only discounts are designed to tempt car owners away from dealership service bays.

Vauxhall aren’t the first manufacturer to try this tact, however: Ford have offered similar deals in the past on their approved service centres, at one time giving a 15 per cent discount on their value service and MOT package, plus a £25 gift card redeemable in a number of high street shops.

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