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3rdi Security Camera

Time 13 years ago

WANT to keep an ‘i’ on your cars while you’re away? Then this clever security camera is the perfect solution.

The 3rdi security system is a unique wireless device that captures pictures of intruders and sends them instantly to your mobile phone.

The CCTV unit features a colour camera with a built-in motion sensor. If the infrared beam is broken, the unit immediately begins to record pictures. Using an on-board SIM card the camera then sends you a text message to say it’s been triggered.

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Users log on to a secure site – via a GPRS connection on a mobile phone – and can see what’s happening back home. The idea is you can check to see if it’s a false alarm before contacting the police. The makers say the video images are date and time stamped and good enough to use in court.

What’s more, if you’re prone to worrying about your beloved car while you’re away, you can simply dial in to the camera at any time to check everything’s in order.

If your mobile is turned off, the pictures are stored on the 3rdi server for 30 days, so you can view the images at a later date. Users can even add more mobile phones to receive the alerts, or extra cameras to cover other parts of their home.

The camera itself is simple to install and takes just seconds to set up, but you will need to make sure your mobile features GPRS before buying.

Plus, on top of the £200 for the camera, buyers have to pay a monthly mobile phone subscription through 3rdi. This costs £9.99 a month and covers the cost of text messages and the WAP Internet connection for the camera.

Price: £200

Contact: 01902 875103,

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