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Cleaning Product of the Year – Car Dealer Power 2021

  • Winner: Autoglym
  • Highly Commended: Carplan
  • Highly Commended: Autosmart

Time 6:00 pm, October 13, 2021

Cleaning products really do make the difference between a good or a great dealership, and it doesn’t matter if you’re selling superminis or supercars.

Autoglym has a top reputation that customers recognise but it also provides the results that car dealers need. 

Mark Docherty, customer marketing manager at Autoglym, said: ‘It means a huge amount to all of us at Autoglym and thank you so much for awarding it to us today. 

‘I think because it’s voted for by our customers and the end users of our products, it just means so much more.

‘There’s a real degree of credibility to the award so it’s one we always hope we’ll win and we’re always delighted if we do.’

He explained why Autoglym works so well for car dealers, saying: ‘Dealers have to work on all sorts of cars, from high end supercars for that special handover, to well used and well loved superminis that still have a very important place on the pitch and need to be made to look like new again. 

‘Dealers really like that they can trust and rely on Autoglym products to do the job they’re designed to do. 

‘Secondly, it’s the people behind those products as well, so everyone back at Letchworth who designs and manufactures the products, putting all of that care in, through to our training team who help the valeters at the dealership get the very best from the products. 

‘Then finally that final stage from our Autoglym franchisees who work really hard to make sure the dealers get the product they need exactly when they need it.’

Watch the video above to hear everything Docherty had to say about the win.

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