Clever cars will aid sales

Time 6:10 am, January 8, 2009

Clever cars will aid sales in 20092009 will see buyers choose more intelligent cars, as James Bond-like gadgets come to the mass market. says that the new year will be ‘dominated by in-car technology’. This includes cars that park themselves, and wake you up if you nod off while driving.

Innovations already on sale in car dealers include:

Volkswagen Golf – auto parking
Uses sensors to ‘take over’ during parallel parking manoeuvres

BMW 7-Series – Night Vision
Advanced system has an infra-red camera and a sensor that detects pedestrians

Citroen C5 – lane departure warning system
Vibrates to warn the driver if they’re swerving between lanes

Volvo XC60 – town centre collision avoidance
At city centre speeds, detects obstructions ahead and will automatically stop the vehicle

Green technology will also become more widespread. This will help car buyers save money and beat the credit crunch. Motors says that stop-start systems and petrol-electric cars, such as the Honda Insight, will become more popular.

Katie Armitage, marketing manager for, said: ‘Despite the economic climate, many manufacturers are competing to offer the most attractive, gadget-laden models.

‘2009 could be the year in-car technology becomes more widespread and sophisticated.

Motors ran a number of online surveys. These ‘sparked more heated debates than any other topic – and with increasing amounts of in-car technology being launched this year, the arguments look set to continue.’

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