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Philips SA5285 MP4 player

Time 7:29 pm, December 5, 2009

sa5285WHEN we were young, a long road trip was akin to torture.

If you were lucky enough to avoid travel sickness, chances are death by I-spy or choking on a piece of magnetic chess were on the cards!

Kids these days have it easy. Just take a look at this smart MP4 player. The Philips SA5285 is a clever portable media player that lets users download video from a PC to watch on the move.

It boasts an impressive 8GB memory, which is enough room for 1,800 songs or 35 hours of rubbish kids TV.

Little ones in the back will be amused by Sponge Bob, marvelling at the pocket-sized player’s excellent picture quality and superb sound.

Ok, so they won’t notice either as they’re put in a trance like state by the yellow square-shaped one, but still you’ll know!

The SA5285 copes well with all common video formats and comes with supplied software to help you convert footage into accepted files.

Price: £99.99

Contact:, 0845 640 1010

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