Police warn dealers of car thief in Devon and Cornwall

Time 8:10 am, August 5, 2013

35529traPOLICE are warning dealers about a number of vehicle thefts within the Devon and Cornwall area.

According to Robin Moorcroft, Neighbourhood Team Leader at Wadebridge Police Station, there have been a number of vehicle thefts, which are linked to one individual.

The man from Scotland, is said to have been stealing cars since mid-July, and is thought that he find a members of the public who are selling low priced vehicles under £1,000.

The police believe he ‘cons’ the owners into allowing him to test drive the vehicle, taking with him its documentation, and does not return. He will then sell that vehicle to a small trader or dealer somewhere in the force area and the cycle continues.

The police force have a system called Community Message, which allows them to send messages to people and groups who sign up to the scheme and warn them about the news.

Moorcroft said: ‘The male we seek is currently sought for at least 10 offences. He has no known links with the Devon and Cornwall area so is difficult to track.

‘We suspect him to have stolen vehicles from Paignton, North Devon, and down as far as Redruth.’

He added: ‘We are seeking to apprehend the male and also reduce losses to dealers, who are paying to purchase the cars but then handing them back to the true owners when the vehicle has been identified as stolen.

‘If this male is recognised at a car sales garage, I suggest the staff try and keep him talking while a discreet 999 call is made by another staff member to inform us that the thief is on their premises.’


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