Porsche 911 RS Carrera value rises fastest in last 10 years

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porsche 911 rs carreraTHE Porsche 911 RS Carrera has topped the list of the fastest rising classic car investments of the last 10 years with its value increasing by a whopping 669 per cent.

Classic car expert and market analyst Dave Selby undertook the research to mark 10 years of the Discovery Channel show Wheeler Dealers. It revealed that the popular Porsche’s value has shot up to £500,000 from £65,000 in 2004.

Second on the list is the Aston Martin DB5, which went into production in 1963. It has also seen a dramatic increase in value, now up an astounding 500 per cent, from £75,000 to £450,000 in the last ten years. This was closely followed by another Aston, the DB6, up 478 per cent from £45,000 in 2004 to £450,000 in 2014.

Making up the rest of the top ten was the AC Cobra, up 333 per cent to £650,000; Aston Martin V8, up 295 per cent to £75,000; Land Rover Series I, up 233 per cent to £20,000; Jaguar E Type, up 171 per cent to £95,000; Lotus Elan Convertible, up 142 per cent to £43,500; Ferrari Testarossa, up 140 per cent to £60,000; and Chevrolet Corvette, up 132 per cent to £65,000.

A number of production line cars showed a healthy increase in value, with the pre-1979 Fiat 500 nearly doubling in value from £6,000 to £11,000, the Austin Mini increasing from an average of £2,750 to £4,800 and the Austin Healey 3000 seeing a 50 per cent rise from £30,000 to £45,000.

The MG Midget saw a 50 per cent rise to £6,000 and the Triumph Spitfire enjoyed a rise of 44 per cent from the 2004 valuation of £4,000.

A Discovery Channel spokesperson said: ‘From the much coveted Aston Martin DB5 to the humble Fiat 500, classic car owners across the UK are sitting on a small fortune, thanks to the boom in the vintage car market over the last decade.’

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