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Tamiya TT-01 remote control car

Time 12 years ago

tamiya-gt-rIF you need proof boys love toys whatever their age, simply show them a radio-controlled car.

There’s something about ripping up the car park Tarmac in a miniature motor that sends adults regressing back to their youth.

Model experts Tamiya are experts in the art and have just released a new chassis on top of which you can add all manner of supercar shells.

Our favourite is that cult car of the moment – the Nissan GT-R. It’s a stunning replica and one you really won’t want to crash! Also available are Porsche GT3 and VW Golf GT shells – both with equally impressive levels of detail.

The new chassis – dubbed TT-01 by the makers – is an enhancement to the brand’s entry-level package.

It offers four-wheel drive for excellent grip and now boasts more ‘structural rigidity’. Speeds are even proper car-like at an incredible 28mph – enough to keep up with traffic on residential roads (although we wouldn’t advise that). Opt for some of the tuning enhancements available and the tiny terrors can even top 40mph!

Price: £170

Contact: 01908 605686


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