Land Cruiser residuals win

Time 10:22 am, January 3, 2013

TOYOTA’S perennial Land Cruiser is the car that holds its value best, according to new data from Glass’s Guide.

Holding 73.36 per cent of its value after three years and 37,000 miles, the Land Cruiser sits atop of Glass’s chart – with other 4x4s and SUVs proving similarly good investments.

Second is Audi’s Q5, holding 73.18 per cent of its value over the same period; followed by the Skoda Yeti in third, which held a still-impressive 72.46 per cent.

Land Rover’s Discovery and Range Rover Sport followed in fourth and fifth, holding onto 67.58 and 66.39 per cent respectively, while the Volkswagen Scirocco and Audi Q7 came sixth with 65.6 per cent and seventh with 64.41 per cent.

Fiat’s 500 marks the cheapest car in the list in eighth – retaining 64.02 per cent of its £9,810 retail price – while the Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Golf come ninth and 10th with 63.57 and 63.5 per cent held respectively.

‘There are many of the usual suspects in the top ten this year from the likes of Land Rover and of course the evergreen Landcruiser,’ Glass’s managing director Adrian Rushmore told

‘But there are a few interesting points to note. In particular we usually see models that are only appearing as three year old examples for the first time because these are at the height of their desirability in the mix of all three year old cars being offered.

‘However, this year, the Yeti was the only car released in 2009 and has therefore, just reached its third birthday. We’ve also seen that, despite the tough economic times, demand has not overtaken supply of budget, fuel-efficient models – otherwise they would appear in the top 10.

‘The key outtake from this year is that the cars which hold the most value are those with a strong image. Reputation counts for a lot in the car market.’

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