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Trade association unveils game-changing Community Interest Company

Sponsored post: Lawgistics Litigation for the Motor Trade CIC offers car dealers legal services comparable to high street solicitors at significantly subsidised costs

Time 8:30 am, March 5, 2024

In an era where the motor trade navigates through the turbulent times of regulation and evolving market dynamics, Lawgistics stands as a beacon of support and innovation.

With the establishment of its Community Interest Company (CIC), the trade association redefines the essence of community-driven legal support, offering a lifeline to businesses that find themselves facing court proceedings.

What is a CIC?

A Community Interest Company is an entity designed to operate for the public good, channelling its profits and efforts back into the community it serves.

This structure embodies the principle of equity, ensuring that the benefits of its operations enrich the broader community, not just a select few.

The motor trade is a community

The motor industry, rich in history and innovation, is facing numerous challenges, including stricter regulations, growing consumer expectations and more complex employment laws.

These pressures are compounded by the high costs associated with legal disputes, often forcing businesses to find a commercial resolution rather than one that is fair to both sides.

This is where the CIC intervenes, bridging the gap with its unique approach and transforming how justice is pursued within the motor trade community.

Subsidised litigation services

Lawgistics’ CIC has redefined legal support for the motor trade by offering services comparable to high street solicitors at significantly subsidised costs.

This guarantees that businesses can access expert legal guidance without the worry of escalating hourly rates.

From the moment a claim is issued, the CIC takes on comprehensive case management, providing professional direction through the court process.

This model prioritises cost savings and fair access, ensuring businesses can defend their rights without financial strain.

Unparalleled expertise

Lawgistics’ CIC is not merely about affordability; it upholds and enhances the most seasoned and knowledgeable legal team within the motor trade.

The focus is on quality and expertise, ensuring that every case benefits from the extensive experience and specialised insight that only Lawgistics can provide.

This commitment to intellectual capital distinguishes its services. The CIC is far more than just legal support; it is a strategic partnership deeply grounded in industry understanding.

Strategic legal research

Lawgistics’ CIC is dedicated to reinvesting its profits into comprehensive research on legal matters that may impact on the motor trade community.

This commitment not only equips the CIC’s legal team with cutting-edge knowledge to advise and tackle arising cases effectively but also enables them to seek expert opinions on various subjects.

Through this proactive approach, the CIC ensures the motor trade community is always one step ahead, equipped with the insight needed to power through the legal landscape with confidence and precision.

Who benefits?

The CIC’s litigation service is inclusively designed, expanding its reach to not only Lawgistics members but also to affiliated automotive federation members and community individuals facing legal challenges with a just cause yet lacking resources.

This initiative highlights the CIC’s steadfast dedication to promoting justice and equitable legal assistance throughout the motor trade industry.

Giving back to the community

The CIC’s dedication extends beyond the courtroom as well.

For every case undertaken, a contribution is made to the charity Ben, affirming the CIC’s commitment to the well-being of the motor trade community.

This initiative is on track to make a significant financial impact for Ben and illustrates its belief in the power of giving back.

Lawgistics Litigation for the Motor Trade CIC is more than a service; it’s a movement towards an impartial, more knowledgeable and resilient motor trade community.

It’s about applying Lawgistics’ collective intellectual capital to forge a future where legal challenges are met with unparalleled expertise, and where every member of the motor trade community has the support they need to thrive.

For more information about Lawgistics Litigation for the Motor Trade, visit or call 01480 455500.

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