Want to sell a car? Ask the customer when their birthday is…

Time 12:26 pm, November 13, 2014

A CUSTOMER Main 3walks into the showroom. What’s the first thing a dealer should do? Well, probably ask them when their birthday is…

A new piece of research by Paragon Car Finance shows the date someone was born has a bearing on whether they’re likely to splash out on a new car.

Sixty-five per cent of Capricorns – that’s people with a birthday between December 23 and January 20 for those among you who don’t count Russell Grant as a close friend – will buy a new car at some point in their lives.

But Sagittarians (November 23 to December 21) are far less likely to splash out – only 33 per cent will buy a new car.

And the survey also highlights something we knew already – it’s the women in the relationship who make the decisions. A total of 57 per cent of women buy a new car – and only 35 per cent of men.

The survey wasn’t exactly the most scientific – it involved only the Paragon employees. But it also showed black hatchbacks are the most popular car, and that men are interested in speed, a stylish-looking car and the size of the boot, while women look for safety features and an MP3 port for their music.

Eighty five per cent of women admitted they love to sing along with their music in their car, while only 54 per cent of men owned up.

Julian Rance, head of Paragon Car Finance, said: ‘These findings come from a recent survey of Paragon Group employees to find out more about their attitudes to cars and driving. It’s always fun to see what comes through and, particularly fitting, at this time of year to see that people born at Christmas know how to treat themselves to a really special present every once in a while.’

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