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Time 12:45 pm, December 13, 2013

worling-at-laptop1DO dealers prefer CAP or Glass’s? Is your website responsive for mobile? These are the top stories this week on the Car Dealer Forum.

CAP or Glass’s – which do you prefer?

Franchised dealer, Gavin Rousdon asked:

‘Which do people prefer and which is the most reliable considering sometimes there can be a £1,000 to £1,500 difference between the two?

When buying at auction I find CAP to be the more accurate with the ex-lease cars I buy, which I guess should be the case as BCA seem to prefer CAP. When it comes to exchanges, I check both and try to use the lowest as a start point (Normally CAP) and check what sort of price the car will retail for. By then it’s about 50/50 with Glass’s becoming a slightly more realistic guide.

I know they are only ‘guide’ prices and we realistically know our own market prices but with sometimes such a large difference we can easily take in a ‘bargain’ part exchange or a very expensive one.’

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Is your website responsive for mobile?

Claire Doogan from Autocosse said:

‘We recently got a G-Forces website launched and so far I am very happy with how everything has been. I previously asked for feedback on our site and some of you were kind enough to help me out, so thank you.

Our site is now more responsive on mobile than it was previously (work in progress), but I just wondered how other dealers were finding the challenge of changing content so it’s more suited for mobile?

Are you keeping your content shorter? It obviously has to remain informative but my fear is that when people are browsing on their phones they want quick information and not to be searching all over the website. It has to be natural, too.

What are your thoughts on designing for mobile and what obstacles have you come across?

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