Police called to dealership… after woman refused to stop breakdancing

Time 7:30 am, April 19, 2013

Police carA WOMAN has been arrested at a car dealership in Wakefield, in what’s possibly one of the strangest breaches of the peace imaginable.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police were called to the premises after an individual simply refused to stop breakdancing on the forecourt, according to the force.

An update to Wakefield’s Central Policing Team’s Facebook page documented the arrest, with a post – which has now been removed – stating that the 31 year old woman was arrested for irritating staff members and preventing general dealership activities from being carried out.

‘PCs Toon and Starbuck were called to a car showroom in Wakefield,’ the post reads, ‘where the female was annoying staff, break dancing on the forecourt and causing a general disturbance, stopping customers from entering.’

‘Despite advice from the officers, the female continued with her behaviour and was arrested for Breach of the Peace,’ the post concluded.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the news generated more than a few comments – some in favour of the force’s actions, and others less so.

‘You arrested someone for break dancing. Wow, glad to hear my tax money is being put to good use,’ one read, according to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

‘They arrested someone for breakdancing,’ read another, ‘waste of time, all they needed to do was escort them off the premises.’

Meanwhile, another reportedly joked: ‘Break dancing deserves an arrest. Rubbish way to dance.’

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