19.11.08: Once you start…

Time 13 years ago

ONCE you’ve started, you just can’t stop – no, I’m not talking those deliciously crunchy Pringles, but websites!

As you may have noticed we’ve been making some changes to the site recently. There are a few more graphic elements (see left) and we’re trying to make it easier on the eye as well as more user friendly.

Deputy editor Richard Aucock puts a huge amount of effort into the site – every morning he adds new stories and often uploads live updates throughout the day too.


Only at lunchtime today, he added a piece about car industry bodies writing to the chancellor ahead of his pre-budget speech on Monday.

We work very closely with a very talented design team at company Cool Creation to produce the site. Mark Russell is the brains behind the brilliance there and often has to deal with me emailing ridiculous requests at ridiculous times of the day.

The problem I have is that as soon as we’ve changed one thing I want to tamper with something else. We move this and I want to change that, then this becomes that… and, well, I’m confusing myself.

That’s why I admire the winners of our Ewards so much – not only have they created superb websites, but they’ve had the vision to get it to that stage and stop messing with it. And that’s a lot easier said than done!

Our web guru Mark is currently very, very busy indeed. We’ve got two HUGE plans in place for the website that are going to be extremely exciting.

One will totally revolutionise a sector of the industry that needs a shake-up at the moment and the other, well, I can’t say anything without giving the game away, but it will certainly be of use to you!

So, keep an eye out over the next few weeks for a few more changes to the site and some interesting new additions – and, as always, let us know your ideas too.

Speaking of feeback, we’ve recently added a survey to the site where you can tell us what you think of Car Dealer.

It’s been very useful so far – we added the SMMT sales figures in the last issue because of a request from a franchised dealer principal which goes to show we do actually listen to what you tell us! We look forward to reading your comments.

Happy selling…


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