50% of buyers give cars nicknames

Time 13 years ago

A SURVEY by HPI has revealed that 50 per cent of car buyers have nicknames for their cars.

A previous poll by the trade service provider, back in 2003, found celebrity names were drivers’ favourites – but not anymore!

HPI has now found drivers are far more likely to name their cars Buster, Moocher, or Boomzilla as they get ever more adventurous. 

Some 40 per cent of respondents referred to their car as a female while just 27 per cent refer to their beloved vehicle as a male.

There is a big contrast in the names appearing in HPI’s 2003 chart with the latest one too.

Only one name has made it into the top 10 in both – Bessey. Back in 2003 it was placed seventh, but has leapfrogged up the chart to top the latest polls.

by Jack Kyte

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