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67 Degrees – Website Provider for Independent Dealers 2024

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Time 6:15 pm, July 3, 2024

Customers haven’t completely embraced buying cars exclusively online, but having a good website with all the functionality that a customer expects is absolutely vital.

The best websites let customers do as much or as little of the car-buying process digitally, while also looking great and working intuitively.

Dealers absolutely love 67 Degrees – evidenced by the fact that 2024 marks the eighth consecutive year that it’s scooped the trophy for this category!

PR manager Cheryl Humphreys said: ‘To know that we’ve won a Car Dealer Power award once again is just amazing news to the team! We’ve been absolutely ecstatic – we’re just blown away.’

But despite being such a prolific serial winner, she emphasised that the 67 Degrees team never took that ongoing success for granted.

‘We’re so, so pleasantly surprised. We never make any assumptions that we’re going to win the award again.

‘So for the dealers to vote for us and to make this happen for us yet again is so special.’

She added: ‘It’s very, very important to us that we make sure that our dealers know how grateful we are for those votes.’

What was it that she thought made 67 Degrees the dealers’ favourite?

‘It’s really that what we do works. The websites that we build they convert and they deliver for our car dealers, and that’s what’s really important.’

Not resting on their laurels and becoming complacent were other factors, Humphreys reckoned.

‘On top of that, we very much pride ourselves on going the extra mile and delivering a very personable approach.’

That could be sending out sweet treats to its dealers or going to see them – basically, making them feel special and part of the team and part of the 67 Degrees family.

Humphreys said the win elevated what the team do and confirms that what they’re doing is right and that they’re heading in the right direction.

‘We are quite a small team and do consider ourselves quite a boutique agency. We don’t really, in the grand scheme of things, have hundreds and hundreds of dealers, which means that we can give them a much more hands-on approach.

‘Our customers aren’t just a number, so it’s a real big pat on the back for us.’

The past year had been busy but in a very good way, she commented, adding that 67 Degrees has been dynamic in its approach to reflect the automotive sector’s needs as it continues to face a number of challenges.

‘We’re always refining our website solutions, but equally with Google Vehicle Ads around the corner there are some very exciting things to come and we’re excited about what’s to come in the next 12 months as well.’

She revealed that 67 Degrees already had some dealers on the beta version of Google Vehicle Ads and that it was providing ‘exciting data’.

67 Degrees hopes to expand on that, she said, and to see how it can work hand in hand with Google to benefit the car dealers on its website platforms as well.

‘The next 12 months are very much going to be about making sure our products are the best they can be in terms of what we deliver for car dealers.’

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