#B4B14 Day One: The best tweets from the teams

Time 7 years ago

With the end of Bangers4Ben Day One officially upon us, and (almost) all of our convoy reaching the hotel in one piece, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best tweets of the day.

There have been highs and lows, but thanks to the miracle of flaky French 3G, we’ve picked a few of our favourite moments below.


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1. Things get a bit DeCaprio on the ferry



2. Baggott & Reay discover perils of MX-5 ownership


3. Baggott & Reay discover MORE perils of MX-5 ownership


4. Car Dealer’s Andy muted by over-starched scarf

5. In the name of the Mazda, the Audi, and the holy Focus. Amen.


6. Prelude passes impromptu rollover test with flying colours…



7. …but doesn’t score so well for interior safety.


8. “Are Saabs meant to reek of haddock?” “Only the GM-era ones.”


9. Blackshaws’ Ignis gets a blow-dry


10. What happens in Mulhouse, stays in Mulhouse.

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