Car dealer is fined after trying to aid sale by going double the speed limit on test drive

  • Speeding fine for used car dealer who was trying to make a sale
  • Oliver Robins was caught going more than twice the speed limit on a test drive with a customer
  • Salesman admitted speeding and told officers: ‘I thought it would aid in the sale of the car’

Time 10:36 am, June 24, 2024

A test drive can make or break the sale of a car but one dealer’s desire to leave a good impression has now landed him in hot water.

That is because salesman Oliver Robins was caught going more than twice the speed limit as he tried to show off a car’s capabilities to a potential customer on Jersey.

The dealer flouted highway regulations on Rue de la Blinerie in St Clement on March 20, while a would-be buyer sat in the passenger seat.

Robins was clocked doing 37mph on the 15mph highway with officers pulling the pair over and issuing a stern warning at the roadside.

The automotive retailer made no attempt to deny he had been speeding an instead openly admitted ‘I thought it would aid in the sale of the car’.

He also told officers: ‘The man with me in the passenger seat was a potential customer’ and claimed his client had encouraged him to speed up.

He has now appeared at the the Magistrate’s Court, Jersey, where he admitted speeding and was handed a £260 fine, the Jersey Evening Post reports.

The defendant also had his licence endorsed and was warned by relief magistrate Peter Harris that future offences may result in a suspension, significantly impacting his employment.

During the court appearance, Robins, 22,  issued an apology for the incident.

He told the court: ‘I would like to apologise to the police officers who pulled me over and to the lovely people in the parish hall, just to let them know that I am sorry.’

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