Nissan Cube canned

Time 3:14 pm, January 11, 2011

59551-a-nisNISSAN has confirmed the Cube has been canned and will no longer be imported once current stock has sold.

Speaking exclusively to Car Dealer, MD Paul Willcox confirmed the unusual model will no longer be sold in Europe.

The car has struggled to find buyers due to its high price and quirky, boxy styling that hasn’t appealed to as many buyers as customers expected.

That, combined with the fact importing it affordably from Japan is near on impossible, has resulted in Nissan killing off the Cube.

Wilcox told Car Dealer: ‘The car had an excellent reaction from journalists and the press reviews were brilliant, but sadly the sales didn’t follow.

‘As a marketing exercise it worked well and proved Nissan could offer something stylish and different. But it was built in Japan and the exchange rate has meant selling it profitably has been hard.’

Rumours have been circulating for a while about the Cube getting the axe – but this is the first official announcement from the manufacturer on the decision.

In a statement issued to Car Dealer, the maker said: ‘Nissan has confirmed that production of Cube for Europe has ceased and, once current stocks have been sold, Cube will no longer be offered as part of Nissan’s new vehicle range in Europe.

‘Cube was always intended to be a niche vehicle in this region, however, the impact of the global recession and specifically the drastic devaluation of the Euro vs Yen has, unfortunately, made it impossible to sustain the Cube program.’

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