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Exploring MotorDesk’s revolutionary digital retailing tools for independent dealerships

Sponsored post: MotorDesk launches game-changing omnichannel digital retailing tools for independent car dealerships

Time 8:43 am, June 24, 2024

In the fast-paced world of automotive retail, digital transformation is not just a trend but a necessity.

MotorDesk car dealer software is at the forefront of this revolution with its innovative Online Checkout and Deal Builder system, designed specifically to enable small-to-medium-sized independent car dealerships to compete with the UK’s largest dealerships.

This system not only enhances the efficiency of car sales but also significantly improves the customer buying experience.

Online sales

MotorDesk’s platform allows dealerships to sell cars directly through their websites, streamlining the entire sales process from start to finish.

With features such as automated part-exchange offers, add-on product sales plus simplified delivery and collection booking, MotorDesk transforms traditional car buying into a seamless digital experience.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of adjusting their deals online with complete transparency, giving them control over their purchasing decisions.

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MotorDesk is at the forefront of the digital transformation revolution

Auto Trader Deal Builder

A standout feature of the MotorDesk Online Checkout and Deal Builder is its early-access integration with Auto Trader’s Deal Builder and Reserve Online process.

This integration allows customers to initiate their car purchase on Auto Trader and seamlessly transition to the dealership’s own website to complete the transaction.

MotorDesk complements Auto Trader’s services by enabling a smooth handover from browsing to buying, ensuring that the customer remains within a cohesive digital environment throughout their purchase journey.

Customer collaboration

Collaboration is another key aspect of MotorDesk’s system.

As well as allowing customers to self-serve, the platform also enables dealership staff to quickly build deals that can then be shared with customers for further customisation and completion online.

This collaborative approach not only speeds up the transaction process but also enhances customer satisfaction by involving them directly in the deal-building phase.

Simplified payments

Payments are also made effortless with MotorDesk’s integration of open banking, which facilitates bank transfers with near-zero transaction fees.

This feature is a significant advancement in payment processing, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional online payment methods.

Additionally, customers have the flexibility to make payments using credit or debit cards through trusted payment providers, ensuring secure payments with competitive transaction rates.

Delivery and collection

MotorDesk’s automated features extend to delivery and collection as well.

The system calculates delivery costs automatically and manages appointments efficiently with calendar integration.

This automation not only saves time for the dealership but also ensures that customers receive their new cars at their convenience, with clear communication about pricing and availability.

Part-exchanges and finance

The platform also simplifies the part-exchange process and the car finance application.

Customers can receive automated offers for their existing vehicles and apply for pre-approved finance directly through the dealership’s website.

This online finance application process allows for quick retrieval of finance quotations and easy progression to submitted applications, streamlining the financial aspects of car purchasing.

Omnichannel purchasing

MotorDesk’s omnichannel functionality is particularly noteworthy.

The system is designed to be accessible on any device, whether it’s the customer’s phone or an in-store tablet.

This flexibility allows customers to self-serve at their convenience or collaborate with staff on site, providing a personalised shopping experience regardless of how or where the customer chooses to engage.

Invoicing and accounting

MotorDesk stands out as the only car dealer software certified by leading accounting platforms Xero, QuickBooks and Sage Accounting.

It offers a robust live integration that streamlines accounting tasks with features such as automated marginal VAT calculations, significantly lowering accounting expenses.

Additionally, MotorDesk supports a paperless invoicing and handover system fully integrated with its Online Checkout and Deal Builder, further modernising and simplifying your dealership’s operational workflows.


In conclusion, the MotorDesk Online Checkout and Deal Builder system is a game-changer for independent car dealerships, giving even the smallest dealership the ability to compete on a level playing field with the UK’s biggest online dealerships.

By integrating with platforms such as Auto Trader, automating key aspects of the sales process and facilitating collaboration between staff and customers, MotorDesk not only enhances operational efficiency but also elevates the overall customer experience.

As the automotive retail industry continues to evolve, solutions such as MotorDesk are leading the way in defining the future of car sales.

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