Selling used cars on Facebook? Here are the top tips on how to get stock on to Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook Marketplace is increasingly growing in popularity with car buyers – and car dealers are discovering that it’s a powerful tool in their advertising arsenal.

Car dealers can list cars free of charge on the site – with the help of a Marketplace partner – and with the ability to talk to customers directly via Messenger, it’s a great way to do business. 

Facebook says: ‘Marketplace is a dedicated discovery and search experience on Facebook designed to help millions of people find their next vehicle.

‘You can list your inventory where people are already shopping for cars, at no extra cost.’

For car dealers looking to take advantage of the platform, we’ve worked with the Facebook team to create this top 10 list of tips to get the most out of Marketplace.

Upload listings correctly

To maximise your presence on Marketplace, you need to send 100 per cent of your used vehicle inventory, across all price points, to the platform. You can list certified pre-owned, and pre-registered vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, boats, powersport vehicles, RVs and campervans and trailers. 

Provide clear vehicle descriptions

Provide a clear and complete vehicle description – ideally 100-150 words long – and include details of any vehicle damages. Highlight any special features or equipment, from power steering to in-car satellite navigation, as all are crucial to attracting buyers.

Use high quality images

Provide as many high quality photos as possible (minimum 960x720px resolution). Listings with 15-20 photos tend to perform well, and you need a minimum of two (and maximum of 50) images. Include photos of the front three quarters angle, cockpit, side and back, interior, engine, wheels and any dents, dings or excessive wear. Do not add overlays or graphics.

Keep your inventory up to date

It’s important to keep your inventory up to date so that accurate vehicle information appears on Marketplace. Listing partners can create automatic feed uploads (setting a daily, hourly or weekly upload schedule).

Use Messenger to connect with customers

Messenger is an instant messaging platform built into your dealership’s Facebook Page Interested buyers can reach out directly to ask questions, get more information about a vehicle and schedule a test drive in seconds. You can also choose to use the built-in lead form on Marketplace.

Select one listing partner

Working with one listing partner will enable you to attribute Marketplace to the correct provider and accurately measure performance. Car dealers in the UK can work with any one of the providers listed here to get their cars on the platform – while listing is free, they may charge you for value added services. Click here to find them.

Update your Facebook Page

Your Facebook Page is your digital shopfront, and should be kept up to date and engaging, with accurate and current contact details.

Keep communications short and sweet

People expect businesses to respond quickly (within a maximum of 24 hours), and provide timely updates. Communicate key points succinctly and early on in your message, as this aligns with people’s expectations for messaging as a channel, and enhances readability. Short messages can be read clearly in message previews.

Consider using a chatbot

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It’s highly recommended you use a third party chat provider to help you manage messages from people interested in the vehicle listings they see on Marketplace.

Get started sooner rather than later

To start listing on Marketplace, find a local listing partner or build a direct integration by emailing [email protected].

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