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Ferrari announces release of new 296 GTB hybrid sports car

  • Ferrari announces release of new mid-engined V6 hybrid sports car
  • New model has been named the 296GTB
  • Car will be first ever V6 road-going vehicle to carry the Ferrari badge

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Ferrari has promised to ‘define fun driving’ with the unveiling of a new mid-engined V6 hybrid sports car.

The 296 GTB has been designed to sit alongside Ferrari’s V8 F8 Tributo and hybrid SF90 Stradale.

It will be positioned between the two existing models and is powered by a three litre V6 engine with a single electric motor.

The results are that the sports car produces a total of 818php and can do 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds.

Ferrari claims the pocket rocket will hit a top speed of an eye-watering 205mph.

The firm hopes the new model will kick off a new ‘V6 era’ and says the engine sounds more like a naturally-aspirated V12.

The model was even nicknamed ‘piccolo V12’ (little V12) during development.


The car has a 7.45kWh battery meaning it can travel for up to 15 miles on electricity only.

Unlike the all-wheel SF90 Stradale, the 296 GTB is purely rear-wheel-drive thanks to its single motor.

Back of Ferrari 296 GTB

The 296 GTB will be one of Ferrari’s most compact models in years, which ensures ‘class-leading levels of driver engagement’. 

Despite its heavy hybrid system, the 296 BTB weighs just 100kg more than the F8 Tributo, with a weight of 1,470kg.

Four driver modes are available through Ferrari’s ‘eManettino’ driving selector – eDrive (EV driving), default Hybrid mode, Performance that ensures the engine is always on and Qualification for maximum performance.

In terms of design, Ferrari says it wanted to ‘redefine the identity of its mid-rear engined two-seater’ models, shown with the 296 GTB’s shorter wheelbase and the sleek flowing lines.

The firm says it took inspiration from the 250 LM model from 1963. 

It also boasts a wrap-around windscreen that merges with the side windows Inside, the 296 GTB gets a similar cockpit layout to the SF90 Stradale, with a large digital dial system on display and a head-up display that’s integrated into the leather trim.

Buyers will be able to choose the 296 GTB with a lightweight package called Assetto Fiorano, which includes changes such racing-derived adjustable shock absorbers, additional carbon fibre and special liveries that are only available with this package.

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