Gadgets: Mighty Mouse and more

Time 6:54 pm, June 22, 2010

mouse1The mouse. They always used to be boring little peripherals, sitting by the keyboard being dull. But not anymore, thanks to the MotorMouse! The Motormouse is car shaped, ergonomically designed, wireless, and set to 1200dpi for lovely, accurate clicking.

Featuring blingtastic chrome wheels, the MotorMouse is sure to brighten up any dull office. It also comes with a mouse mat, and the world’s smallest 19mm USB receiver. An automatic power save function conserves battery life, and the mouse can be charged from the settings screen in your computer’s control panel. 

Caagis.com, £29.99

garminWe’re becoming more and more reliant on sat navs, using them for everything from shopping to holiday making. The Garmin Nuvi 1370 makes for the perfect navigation companion, featuring maps of the UK, Europe and the USA. The slim design also features ecoRoute to help you reach your destination in the most fuel efficient way.

There are speed camera and speed limit alerts, Bluetooth connectivity for hands free phone calls, and lane guidance too. If you’re on foot, the Nuvi 1370 features a pedestrian mode, with an optional CityXplorer download to help you make your way around unfamiliar streets. 

Halfords.com, £249.99

schoscheBeing eco-friendly is sometimes difficult. The multitude of gadgetry we use in our cars means heavier draw on the battery, which is never good. However, Scosche has launched the new solCHAT, a solar powered Bluetooth speakerphone.

The internal Li-Ion batteries store energy collected from an integrated solar panel, which works all day, even in overcast weather. It also comes with a backup USB charger for night time use. The solCHAT supports voice dialing, as well as the iPhone 3GS’s voice command feature. And a simple, user friendly design makes the solCHAT incredibly easy to use.

Eoutlet.co.uk, £59.99

Reviews by John Slavin

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