Inside abandoned used car dealership where cars have been left half-repaired

  • YouTube channel finds abandoned car dealership where offices have been left full of paperwork
  • Parts store is still packed with parts and workshop has cars hoisted on ramps
  • Narrator believes showroom was vacated in a hurry in 2019 and vandals have ransacked it since

Time 7:45 am, March 19, 2024

A ghost ship car dealership has been uncovered by urban explorers complete with half-repaired cars and filing cabinets full of paperwork.

YouTube channel ForgottenBuildings published a video this week looking inside the dealership where display cars are still in situ in the showroom and cars hoisted in the workshop up on ramps.

The Kia and Lada showroom – dubbed ‘the dealership of the apocalypse’ – is located near a busy main road ‘somewhere in Germany’.

The video shows the explorers start out the back of the dealership where they found a number of vandalised Kia models. They then climb in through a broken window to an office with shelves still full of files.

Most of the cars have been ransacked for the expensive parts – including exhausts and interior trim. 

Offices in the showroom have posters on the walls, racks are still full of brochures in the showroom and even the fridge was left with food inside when the dealership was shut down.

The store room is still packed with ‘thousands of Euros’ worth of stock, including bumpers, wheels and smaller parts.

It is not known exactly when the showroom was abandoned – or why – but a more modern Kia Ceed gives a clue that it wasn’t too long ago. A calendar on the wall of one office is dated ‘2019’.

The workshop in abandonded car dealership[

‘It really didn’t add up as the cars were older models but the date of abandonment is not that long ago,’ says the video’s narrator.

‘It makes it quite weird that not such an old model is abandoned.

‘It gives the impression it was closed down all of a sudden without a real warning.

‘It makes you wonder what could have possibly happened here and why it wasn’t sold when it closed down.’

The video explains the dealership was supposedly run by two brothers – one who looked after sales and the other the workshop – and started as a Lada dealership, but ‘switched to Kia in the early 2000s’.

The narrator believes there was a ‘conflict’ between the two brothers which led to the dealership being closed down.

You can watch the video at the top of this post.

Pictures: @ForgottenBuildings YouTube channel

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