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Is the 13-reg putting buyers off? Here’s what Twitter has to say

Time 11:32 am, February 26, 2013

13-regOUR feature on what the industry says regarding the 13-reg would suggest the new ‘superstitious’ plate arriving on March 1 will NOT cause problems.

However, dealers tweeting us – @CarDealerMag, @CarDealerEd and @JRRBatchelor – saying they are feeling the effects while others say they’re not.

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Here’s what Twitter says…

Carrie Harding ‏@therealclh

It is putting off buyers! I’ve had it first hand!

Halliwell Jones MINI ‏@HJMINI

I’m not convinced – I’ve had it mentioned by a few people who ended up buying late 62s or Cherished.

Carrie Harding ‏@therealclh

One customer def will not a take a 13 plate – we can’t get the car here in time for a 62 so rather wait til sept!

Paul Stewart ‏@pas7272

Surely people aren’t worried about the number #13 as unlucky. Might find that reg becomes a collectors item #CarDealerMag

Umesh Samani ‏@specialistcars1

Simple sell them a private plate ! Even with a ’62 – Don’t have to wait till september ! #13

Carrie Harding ‏@therealclh

Customers don’t want to pay…

John Biggar ‏@johnbiggar

What about values of 13 plate cars in the future? @PhilipN_CAP

Umesh Samani ‏@specialistcars1

“Values of 13 plate cars” IF we don’t mention it – No one will Notice !!

ECR Training ‏@ECRTraining

It’s not stopped me ordering a new car

Alex Goy ‏@A1GOY

It’s a registration, not an omen of death. Want a car? Buy it. Don’t give a feeble excuse.

Umesh Samani ‏@specialistcars1

“customers don’t want to pay” £250 ..They’ll lose more on their PX by sept/ or mega deals not avail!

Jack Phillips ‏@JPippin

If someone’s afraid of buying a ’13 plate they shouldn’t be allowed to buy any car, nor drive. Ever. Never ever.

Aston Barclay ‏@AstonAuctions

We’ve seen a particularly busy Feb which might suggest that Franchised Dealers are using the 13 plate to their advantage.

Philip Nothard ‏@PhilipN_CAP

Many #dealers reporting positive ordertake for #March, as campaigns…

Philip Nothard ‏@PhilipN_CAP

…focus on #newcar regs. It will be interesting to see the yr-on-yr

Philip Nothard ‏@PhilipN_CAP

…results in #March.

Philip Nothard ‏@PhilipN_CAP

I’m keen to watch this one, as this has been a topic of conversation via the social platforms for a while.


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