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Jepson & Co looks to the future as it celebrates 130 years of dedication and innovation

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Time 9:13 am, February 5, 2024

Jepson & Co – the world’s oldest number plate manufacturer – is commemorating an extraordinary milestone: 130 years of unwavering commitment, innovation and excellence.

This remarkable anniversary serves as a tribute to its storied history while charting an exciting course toward a future brimming with growth and innovation.

A legacy of enduring partnerships

Jepson & Co’s story is a testament to the enduring relationships it has cultivated and a relentless dedication to service.

The company has nurtured long-standing partnerships with franchise dealers, maintaining an average relationship span of 15 years.

Peter Jepson, chairman and great-grandson of founder George Henry Jepson, said: ‘When considering we started as a “man-and-a-paint-can” simply hand-painting numbers on the side of colliery wagons and now are a group with a £20m turnover, it’s been a fantastic journey.

‘And, of course, we’ve been Sheffield-based and a family company all the way.’

These enduring partnerships and the accolades received over the years are testament to Jepson & Co’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

The company ranks among the top five for B2B satisfaction scores by the Institute of Customer Service, boasting a Net Promoter Score four times higher than the UK average.

The dedicated team at Jepson & Co, renowned for their expertise in number plate components and kits, have been instrumental in the company’s enduring success.

Meeting dealers’ needs with innovation

Jepson & Co offers an extensive product range that caters to the diverse needs of franchise dealers.

From a full made-up plates service to roll-fed systems for high-volume printing and wastage reports to cut costs, the company continually innovates to meet customer demands.

During the pandemic, Jepson & Co introduced modular sneeze guards, winning the Make UK Regional Innovation Award.

Other accolades range from being named Baltic Apprenticeships’ Employer of the Year to a high commendation for innovation at the Home Office’s Security & Policing event.

While the company is very grateful for the recognition, its daily focus remains on operational metrics, ensuring that customer satisfaction, order accuracy and despatch performance consistently exceed 97%.

Embracing the future with innovation

Looking ahead, Jepson & Co is poised to embrace the opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and promote the value of on-site number-plate-making for franchise dealers.

The company actively explores technological advancements, including AI, to enhance its services.

With a 30-strong customer support team, Jepson & Co is committed to offering user-friendly, omnichannel support.

Features such as connected software automatically handle DVLA records, and integrated TeamViewer remote desktop support ensures rapid assistance when needed.

The company is also keen to support dealers with their sustainability goals and has some exciting plans in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more.

Jepson & Co: A promise of excellence and adaptability

As Jepson & Co celebrates its 130th anniversary, it invites partners, clients and the community to join in commemorating its journey.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and service, Jepson & Co looks forward to a future filled with new milestones and continued excellence.

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