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Juice Charger me is the wall charger for effortless recharging

Sponsored: Competitor-beating smart wall charger is easy to install and use, and can charge cars up to 22kW

Time 10:27 am, July 27, 2022

How to recharge an electric car? For vehicles that need to be ‘topped up’ with electricity rather than fuel, this is an unavoidable question.

While public charging points are becoming more widespread, it will still be some time before a comprehensive, broad-scale charging infrastructure is available.

For those who do not want to depend solely on the public grid, the best solution is to recharge their electric car in their home garage or in a shared parking space, using a normal electrical socket or, better still, a wall charger.

Juice Charger me is the ideal device for everyone who wants to enjoy convenient home charging, as it is simple to use, compact, elegantly designed and suitable for every budget.

The Juice Charger me is a smart wall charger that can charge cars up to 22kW.

It is designed and developed by Juice Technology, a Switzerland-based global company that has been trading in the UK since earlier this year and which offers software and portable and stationary AC and DC solutions for charging electric vehicles.

With the Juice Charger me, Juice Technology has created a plug-and-play product that is both safe and easy to use.

To install it, simply fix it to the wall, open the housing and connect the power cable.

The station comes completely pre-configured from the factory and is ready for use immediately.

An RFID card is used to verify the charging process. If the car allows plug & charge, the station immediately recognises the car when you connect it and starts charging automatically.

Unlike other stations, the Juice Charger me takes up very little space (only 24cm long and 12cm deep) and is extremely light (only 6.5kg including the cable).

Switch it on, plug in and start charging.

And the charging process is just as simple. Colour-coded LEDs with self-explanatory symbols indicate the current status to the user: ready for operation, activation by RFID card and charging in progress.

And it’s even simpler with e-vehicles that use plug & charge.

When you plug the charge coupling into the car’s charging port, the station automatically recognises the car and starts charging immediately.

Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice Technology AG, said: ‘Juice integrates this function as standard in all Juice Charger me units in accordance with ISO 15118.

‘This once again puts us ahead of our competitors, who so far offer this function only as an optional extra, if at all.

‘When all is said and done, charging has got to be simple and easy, whether it’s a mobile phone or an electric car.’

The Juice Charger me station can be installed as a single unit in a home or a shared car park, but it is also ideal for any type of car park, such as those at hotels, supermarkets and workplaces.

This allows users to easily recharge their car while shopping, working or going to the gym, thus ensuring that they have enough battery power for all their trips without the risk of running out of charge.

The wall charger is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The polycarbonate glass front panel is UV and impact-resistant. The charging station can therefore be used in summer and winter, as it operates in ambient temperatures ranging from -25 to 45 degrees Celsius.

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Its temperature sensor for reducing the charging current works independently of ambient temperature.

Juice Charger me has been approved by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) for home and workplace use and is eligible for government subsidies.

Find out more about the Juice Charger me at juice-world.com.

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