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Latest motoring gadgets – April round-up

Time 13 years ago

1. Gear4 CarDock FM

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Click the image for pics of other gadgets

Price: £70 Contact:

WANT to play tracks stored on your iPhone or iPod touch through your car stereo? Then the CarDock FM is for you. It uses a low-power FM signal to broadcast your music to your radio. There’s a slot that securely holds your player in place and clever Follow Me software constantly detects the clearest five frequencies and can adjust both your radio and CarDock to the best channel at the touch of a button.

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2. V8 Bullet Mouse

Price: £17 Contact:

IF, like Nicolas Cage, you lusted after Eleanor in the remake of Gone In Sixty Seconds – here’s a way you can literally get your hands on a V8 brute! Ok, so it might not be life size, but you’ll be able to caress the curves of this Mustang-a-like V8 Bullet Mouse every day. Suitable for PC or Mac it has two buttons, a scroll wheel – plus working lights and alloy wheels!

3. Eco Wind-up Walkie Tallkies

Price: £60 Contact:

TRAVELLING in convoy is all very well – until you need to get a message to your car companions. These walkie talkies are perfect for keeping in touch and you don’t need to worry about them running out of juice on a long trip as they’re powered by a wind-up mechanism. They have a range of up to 3km, eight channels and can be charged up via a normal plug too. Just make sure a passenger does the talking!

4. Ray Ban Aviators

Price: £76 From:

FICKLE fashion followers change their sunglasses every year – but in these credit crunched times not everyone wants to be renewing annually. That’s why picking a classic design like these Ray Ban Aviators is a sensible choice. Not only do they look uber-cool, but considering they’ve been around since 1965, they’re unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon! We think…

5. Kiwi Fuel Saver

Price: £200 Contact:

IF you’re obsessed with keeping your fuel consumption below refinery-draining levels, this clever bit of kit could help. You plug the Kiwi into the diagnostic port of your car and it works out your engine’s optimum efficiency speed. Like a game, you have to obtain the highest Kiwi Score while driving which means you’re returning the best MPG. It can even show you how much money you’re saving on fuel as you go.


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