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Lightbulb moment: Swansway to spend £300,000 replacing bulbs with LEDs in bid to cut emissions

  • Swansway Group to spend £300,000 replacing lightbulbs with LEDs
  • Group hopes overall return on investment will be in the region of £1 million
  • Move will slash carbon dioxide emissions in half

Time 3 months ago

Swansway Group has announced it is to spend an eye-watering £300,000 on reducing its carbon emissions – by replacing every lightbulb across the business with eco-friendly LEDs.

The group says the more modern fittings will require far less maintenance while using up less energy.

It predicts that the LEDs use around 70 per cent less energy than traditional bulbs, meaning the £300,000 investment should be repaid within 15 months.

Swansway has 23 new and used dealerships across the north west and midlands, meaning an estimated 11,000 bulbs will have to be replaced.

Bosses hope that work will be completed by the end of the year, with the final result being that the group is expecting to slice its carbon dioxide emissions in half over the next five years.

Experts estimate the move to LEDs will prevent a spectacular 1.5kg of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

The project has been announced to coincide with Clean Air Day, which takes place on Thursday.

Swansway Group estimates that their overall return on investment of ‘project bulb-switch’ will be in the region of £1 million over a five-year-period.

Asa Baker, Swansway Group procurement manager said: ‘Whilst I can appreciate that the high up-front costs might be off-putting at first glance, once you delve more closely in the efficiency and effectiveness of switching the lightbulbs, the arguments, both in terms of cost-saving and corporate and social responsibility easily make the case to justify the investment. 

‘I see only positives in all aspects of the business from this implementation, and I would encourage others within the business community to look into the viability of switching over the LEDs in their own workspaces.’

David Smyth, Swansway Group director added: ‘The message about sustainability is clear. 

‘We have always been focussed on investing in the areas where we do business, and this commitment to reduce the carbon footprint for each of our operations is an extension of this commitment. 

‘We are very proud to be making this change to improve our environments for all our customers and workforces and for us to contribute to a future-proofed, sustainable environment for us all to enjoy.’

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