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My Confession: Team-building weekend saw me end up in a fountain

Time 3:55 pm, September 18, 2013

My ConfessionI HAVE been working at an independent dealership for about a year now. I get on really well with the guys and like the job, so you can understand why I kept quiet about my actions at a team- building weekend recently.

The boss had generously booked and paidforaverynicehotelforallofusand our partners, plus a day of activities. Very kind! After the team-friendly day, we all had a lovely dinner and lots of wine. Too much for some. Amy, wife of one of the salesmen, got a little tipsy, spilt a drink and was very loud. After that, we were all told that ‘perhaps it is time you all vacated the bar’ by the management. So they did, apart from me and a mechanic, called Dan.

We decided to take our last drink outside where there was a large fountain. We thought it would be a great idea to jump into the decorate water feature as a mark of defiance to the hotel management. After a loud and drunken argument with security, we got out and went back in to the hotel leaving a trail of mucky water behind. After some more shouting at the hotel staff, we retired gracefully to our rooms.

In the morning, we all met for breakfast. My colleague and Amy sat looking very embarrassed. Apparently, a note had been passed under my boss’s door explaining how ‘some of his party were acting inappropriately’ and they had to ‘clean the carpet due to the staining’.

They were charging for the cleaning and asked us never to stay at the hotel again. I kept very quiet, knowing it was actually me and Dan that were to blame. Amy has since written a letter to the boss apologising for her behaviour.

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