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Time 12:56 pm, December 24, 2012

WELL, that’s it for another year at Car Dealer – and what a year it’s been!

We’ve been all over the place bringing you reviews and features on all sorts of different beasts – ranging from the tiny, well-priced Skoda Citigo to the gargantuan, £100,000 Infiniti FX Vettel edition.

All the usuals remained – including our Ewards event, which was refreshed with a conference from top industry figures; and Bangers for Ben, where Batch and Jon drove to Spain dressed as Alan Partridge.

We even launched a few new challenges for ourselves – including a £50 car trade-up game with Mr Wheeler Dealer himself, Mike Brewer – and a brand new awards ceremony or two.

To celebrate what a fantastic year 2012 has been, we’ve lined up a few of our favourite videos of the last 12 months – and we’ll see you all again for more in 2013!


1,200 miles in a Skoda Citigo

July saw Batch and CarDealerEd drive the brand new Skoda Citigo back to the UK from its factory in Slovakia – crossing six European cities in the process. How did the Czech firm’s smallest model fare? You’ll just have to find out…

Batch does Partridge

Batch and Jon were sent on the task of finding our Big BEN Rally (Bangers4BEN) car this year, and with most themes having already been covered, the obvious choice was something close to our hearts – Alan Partridge. So, with our Rover Sterling successfully purchased, here’s Batch to give an overview of our £500 lump of magnificence.

Infiniti FX Vettel Edition

Few brands are quite as exclusive in the UK as Infiniti. With just a handful of dealers around the country, their models still very much stand out on the nation’s roads. Now though, there’s an even more exclusive addition to the range – brought to you by F1 driver Sebastien Vettel. CarDealerEd puts it thorough its paces around Monaco.

Super saloons at Rockingham

We like nothing more than a good super saloon, and CarDealerEd likes nothing more than showing off his drifting skills. Put them together and what have you got? An exciting day at Rockingham, of course!

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Nissan GT-R vs Renault Twizy

You might be forgiven for thinking that our Road Test of the Year shoots are simply filled with the most powerful and expensive machines around – but that’s not necessarily the case. We were so impressed with Renault’s electric Twizy that we brought it along too – and subjected it to a slightly unusual test…

Wheeler Dealer Awards

In association with Wheeler Dealers host (and long term Car Dealer Magazine friend) Mike Brewer, we came up with a brand new award ceremony this year – in recognition of hard working used car dealers. It was an absolutely fantastic evening, and our film crew did a great job of capturing just what you missed.

Mike Brewer introduces the £50 car challenge

Car Dealer readers might remember that, last year, we set out to trade our way up to a Porsche 911 in aid of the automotive charity BEN. With that completed, it was time to come up with a new challenge – and it only seemed right to get Mr Brewer involved. Unfortunately, he wasn’t best pleased with the car we gave him to sell…

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