Sky Media and Regit form world first partnership to better target potential automotive customers

  • Sky Media and Regit will combine data to help automotive advertisers better target new customers
  • Regit already holds detailed information about its users car ownership
  • Information includes car make and model, length of ownership, ages and fuel type
  • This can be combined with Sky Media AdSmart household data

Time 11:30 am, October 4, 2023

Sky Media and Regit have announced an exclusive partnership that will target consumers with more relevant automotive adverts to their personal situation.

Regit, the digital garage that helps its users manage their car ownership, holds vast amounts of data about its users, such as makes, models, fuel type and the length of time they’ve owned their vehicle.

The new partnership with Sky Media, the advertising arm of Sky, is a world first and allows them to match this data with their own AdSmart household data to better serve viewers with relevant motoring adverts.

It means that automotive advertisers can target potential customers when they might be thinking about booking a service or MOT, and when consumers are preparing to switch vehicles.

This can be paired with Sky’s geographic data in areas where car buyers may be thinking about an electric or hybrid vehicle to meet low emission zone requirements.

Regit will also benefit from the partnership by promoting its own brand on TV and continuing to expand its user numbers.

CEO and founder of Regit, Chris Ashton Green, said: ‘Regit exists to make things easy for the motorist and by building a technology platform that enables them to take every management action related to their car or van, we’ve been able to generate hundreds of data points on each vehicle meaning that – for the first time – automotive partners can be extremely targeted when it comes to placing TV ads through Sky Media.

‘We’ve already provided Sky Media with its biggest ever data match and our own ambitious plans to scale, coupled with what we can achieve by working with Sky, means we’re collectively very excited about where this partnership will go as it reshapes the way TV advertising works in automotive.’

Karin Seymour, director of client and marketing at Sky Media, said: ‘Sky is in a truly unique position with millions of engaged customers and a direct connection into their front rooms and favourite shows.

‘By combining Regit’s extensive data with Sky’s, advertisers will be able to better connect with more relevant and in-market audiences for improved campaign results.’

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