Tesla website error sees new Model Y available for just £66 a month

  • Customers rushed to make the most of enticing deal
  • Model Y was available for as little as £66 a month
  • Musk’s company soon back-tracked and cancelled all affected orders

Time 9:49 am, July 3, 2024

Tesla blamed an error on its Model Y webpage that allowed customers to finance a brand new Model Y for as little as £66 a month with just a small deposit.

For several hours on the evening of July 1, potential customers on the Model Y online configurator could specify their dream electric vehicle and then be greeted with tempting finance offers that ranged from £80 a month with just six months down, to £66 a month with a £993 deposit, according to one social media user.

Several posters took to X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram to point out the massive potential savings, with former Auto Express, Autocar and WhatCar? editor Steve Fowler posting on the social media platform: ‘I’ve just bought myself a brand new Model Y for £66 a month, with just £993 down. Two year deal, 10k miles per year. Car turns up in a few weeks. Thanks @elonmusk – I’ll still wait for my Cybertruck, too. You know when some things seem too good to be true? Let’s see…’

Unfortunately, the deal was too good to be true and Tesla released a statement that admitted to a website error that “caused incorrect finance options to be displayed,” the company wrote.

Tesla then subsequently cancelled all affected orders and said it would refund the £200 order fee and any accessories purchased within the next three days.

Scott Dixon, a self-proclaimed consumer champion and motoring disputes expert, took to X in response to those calling for Tesla to honour the deals, saying: ‘They should, but in reality, they probably won’t and don’t have to as it’s classed as an “invitation to treat” – not legally binding.’

CarDealer has reached out to Tesla for comment, but has not yet received a response.

During its latest Earnings Call, Tesla revealed that it delivered nearly 444,000 vehicles in the three months ended June 30, which is up more than 14 per cent from the prior quarter, lifting the company out of a sales slump it hit earlier this year.

Despite bettering what industry analysis’s expected, the number is still down almost five per cent on the same period last year.

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